Vitalik Buterin Age, Earnings, House, Life Story, and Investments

By Aahil

October 13, 2022


Online & other magazine publications claim that Vitalik Buterin has a net worth of approximately US $1.46 billion.

His net worth includes the total of his cryptocurrency holdings, including Shiba Inu coin and Ethereum, a cryptocurrency he created on his own.

His public Ethereum address, which displays his current ETH holdings at that specific time, which were 355,000 ETH, was published in one of his tweets in 2018. It's a lot of money to store as a digital asset, I assure you.

Due to the fact that his father was a computer scientist, he was born with a technological bent.

When Buterin first learned about Bitcoin, he was 17 years old, and his father was that person.

Vitalik released a white paper outlining Ethereum in 2013. He left his university the next year, in 2014, after receiving a $100,000 Thiel Fellowship Award.

Vitalik Buterin is one of the most well-known and admired figures in the cryptosphere, with an estimated net worth of roughly $1.46 billion US.

The Thiel Fellowship was established by billionaire Peter Thiel to support students who are 22 years of age or younger who wish to leave education and pursue other endeavors.

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