Polymarket Predicts Russia’s Nuclear Attack


By Aahil

On the Polymarket platform, a decentralized prediction market, you can wager your tokens on the outcome of current affairs.

Polymarket is now taking bets on whether Russia will deploy a nuclear weapon before 2023 as a result of escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

You would win $17 for every $1 you bet at the current odds on the nuclear weapon question, which are approximately 17 to 1.

On the other side, if you guessed properly, you'd win $1.06 for every $1 you staked on No

According to Polymarket, there have been several requests for a prediction market on whether Russia will deploy nuclear weapons.

It said that if the Russian Federation detonates a nuclear weapon with an offensive purpose by December 31st 2022, this market will resolve to yes.

If not, the market will decide against you. The detonation of a nuclear weapon must also be an offensive capability, not a test, in order to satisfy the yes requirement.

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