Place Where to Donate  to provide Help Hurricane Ian Victims


By Aahil

A grassroots organization has launched to provide financial support  to affected communities and provide aid to quickly address shortfalls.

Chef José Andrés and his World Central Kitchen team aim to prepare hot meals and cold meals for needy people.

The Salvation Army is assisted to provide food, drinks, shelter, emotional and spiritual care and other emergency services to hurricane survivors and rescue workers.

Together Tampa, Central Florida and North Central Florida are already providing help to neighbors in Florida to rebuild and recover from the effects of Hurricane Ian.

Feeding Tampa Bay is an organization for food distribution sites to provide food to those people who are affected.

CORE organizations do work with local partners and government to support the communities in Florida most impacted by Hurricane Ian.

All Hands and Hearts is a nonprofit organization to track and respond to natural hazards, storms and disasters around the world.

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