NASA's Postponed Venus Mission Searches for An Extension


By Aahil

In response to problems with another mission, NASA's Venus mission says it will try to reduce that delay.

As part of the release of an independent review board report on the delay with the Psyche mission on 4 November.

Which highlighted wider institutional issues at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where it was being developed.

"This postponement could offset both workforce imbalances, at least for those three years," NASA Director Lori Glaze said in an online briefing.

may provide some of the increased funding that Psyche will need to continue for the 2023 launch." Hall meeting to discuss the report.

The delay to VERITAS was announced just days before the annual meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group, or VEXAG.

Scientists used part of the meeting to discuss the impact of mission delays and efforts to reduce delays.

VERITAS's principal investigator, Susan Smreker of JPL, said there were no problems with the mission when NASA decided to delay it.

She said she was concerned that the delay would force the currently assembled team to disband, leading to a loss of expertise.

About which the independent review warned. It will also impact the science team including students and early career researchers.

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