Microsoft Exec Says We Need More Climate-Savvy Smart Workers


By Aahil

November 9, 2022

Smith wrote that employers must upskill their workforce with sustainability-focused learning initiatives.

This requires support from educational institutions, vocational education providers, apprenticeship programmes, and online training providers.

In a survey of 250 employees at 15 companies, including Microsoft, 68% of sustainability workers were hired internally.

The world has around three years to dramatically reduce emissions in order to restrict emissions to 1.5 degrees Celsius, according to an IPCC report published earlier this year.

This decade is crucial for finding answers, ending the use of fossil fuels, and quickly decarbonizing our grids and economies, according to an IPCC assessment from last year.

The report recommends spending more money on training staff at all levels so they can develop a number of climate change solutions

Microsoft also plans to develop a Green Digital Skills course with INCO Academy, a provider of online education.

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