Ed Sheeran’s Music Stolen


By Aahil

October 25, 2022

A hacker who posted an unreleased Ed Sheeran song online in return for bitcoin was sentenced to prison.

Adrian Kwistkowski, 23, gained access to numerous musicians' cloud-based accounts.

E acquired caches of unheard music, including 12 songs from American rapper lil Uzi Vert and two Sheeran songs.

Spirdark, a hacker, made $131,000 by using the Darkweb to offer music in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Kwiatkowski, a resident of Ipswich, was apprehended and charged with cybercrime

Kwiatowski was given an 18-month prison term on Friday by the Ipswich Criminal Court.

Kwiatkowski's Apple Mac laptop included 565 audio files at the time of his arrest. Investigators also discovered 1263 unheard music by 89 artists on various devices.

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