David Gottesman, 96, Wall St. Power and Warren Buffett Partner


By Aahil

David S. Gottesman, a protege of Warren Buffett who assembled a powerful Wall Street investment house.

Mr. Gottesman credited Mr. Buffett, with being a Wall Street billionaire, he would have been separating from that world-famous investor.

Mr. Gottesman did not materialize on television, retained his political opinions  and held First Manhattan Company.

After he spent 10 years in an old-line Wall Street house, a friend at another firm suggested in 1963.

The Wall Street club lunch and a subsequent golf game are launching a close business and personal association.

The two men began telephone conversations in which they discussed investment ideas.

Mr. Buffett, not yet in the public eye, provided so many profitable suggestions that Mr. Gottesman, by his account, found it hard to sleep afterward.

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