Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Firm Berkshire Warns False Crypto Website


By Aahil

The Berkshire company of Warren Buffett was warned not to link up with any cryptocurrency platforms thought to be utilizing the name Berkshire Hathaway.

Texas-based Berkshire Hathaway was identified as such on the website "".

Giving "investors an opportunity to generate a completely passive income from investment in cryptocurrency mining" is another mention on the website.

It also states that it is governed by a number of financial agencies, such as the FSCA, FCA, etc.

However, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. made it clear that this website is not associated with the company or its chairman and CEO, Warren E. Buffett.

Bitcoin has been described by Warren Buffett as "possibly rat poison squared."

Berkshire Hathaway was bought by Warren Buffett in 1965, and it is currently among the largest corporations in the world.

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