All Signs Point to Warren Buffett Interested to Buy His Favorite Stock Again


By Aahil

October 09, 2022

Buffett has distributed a monolithic 20.1% average annual return for Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders since 1965.

A bear market meltdown is allocating a golden opportunity for Buffett to post some of the company's capital.

The Oracle of Omaha has allocated over $62 billion to purchase shares of this stock within the 4 years.

The company's iPhone, which accounts for around half of U.S. smartphone market share, is a good example of this.

Allocates more than $14 billion as a dividend, the company has repurchased $520 billion of its common.

Buffett and his team have utilized the bear market force to pile into energy stocks  specifically Chevron and Occidental Petroleum.

Berkshire Hathaway had more than 10% of its invested assets tied up in the energy sector.

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