October 31,  2022

By Zubi

All about Aptos Layer 1 Blockchain Network

After four years of effort, Aptos finally launched their maninet to speed up and safeguard transactions.

Move is a programming language that is natively incorporated into the Aptos blockchain and is used for secured asset management as well as quick and secure transaction execution.

Its main design tenet is to prioritize an easy and welcoming experience for everyone while focusing on the developer and user experience.

130000 transactions per second, according to Aptos. Engineers, however, claim that it is not even close to the bitcoin network.

Some members of the community have also noted that the TPS claimed on the mainnet falls significantly short of expectations.

Coingecko reports that the price of APT has decreased 42.7% in the past day following the debut.

The price of Aptos is 47.92 at the time of writing, and it has a 24 hour trading volume of 582664739.

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