6 EV Startups to Keep an Eye On


By Aahil

EV technology has opened up a new vista in the automotive industry and a number of precocious startups are scrambling to stake their claim before major OEMs follow suit.

CANOO- Founded in 2021, Canoo experienced some problems in its early years after breaking a deal with Hyundai to build an EV platform and losing its CEO to Apple.

Mullen Technologies - Bought Mullen in 2014 before David Michari quickly assembled a team to develop luxury sports SUVs.

Vinfast – Headquartered in Singapore, Vinfast is building EV plants in Germany and the United States.

Landed EV – Indie EV is trying to launch a new type of vehicle to capitalize on the trending ideas of interactivity and gaming.

Fischer-Henrik Finsker should be commended for giving us one of the most exotic and attractive sports hybrids ever.

Atlas Automotive - Whether or not Atlas deserves a place on this list is debatable as it has no products on the market yet, despite going public with an IPO.

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